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The Types Of HVAC Systems

If you’ve been shopping for a home or a system replacement for your existing HVAC equipment, you’re probably learning that there are different kinds of HVAC systems available. This guide explains the basics about the kinds of systems available.

Package systems

A package system combines all the components of an HVAC system in one package that sits on a concrete slab or the roof. The air the system conditions enters the home through a plenum that attaches to the ductwork. Their primary advantage is that the system doesn’t use any indoor space.

Split systems

A split heating and cooling system has a separate indoor air handler and an outdoor condenser. These systems are by far the most common. Most of the time, the air handler sits in a closet inside the finished area of the home. Rarely, HVAC contractors install the air handler in the garage or the attic.

Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini split heating and cooling systems are gaining in popularity because they offer advanced energy efficiency features. They use no ductwork that contributes to energy losses through leakage or thermal transfer. They blow air directly from individual air handlers placed strategically throughout a home. The air handlers connect to an outdoor condenser via flexible conduits that carry the refrigerant, drain lines and power. A ductless system is available as an air conditioning system only, or as a heat pump.

Radiant Systems

Available almost exclusively as heating systems, a radiant system uses a boiler that heats fluid via the combustion of gas, oil, or a wood product. They send heated liquid or steam through pipes installed in the floors, walls, or supply radiators that radiate heat outward. They’re quiet and provide even heat.

HVAC systems that provide both heating and cooling use forced-air to deliver the conditioned air. These systems share some of the same components, like the blower motor, fan and thermostat. You’ll find them as:

Gas Packs

A gas pack combines a central air conditioning system with a combustion furnace, typically gas or oil.

Heat Pumps & Hybrids

Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling by exchanging heat. In the summer, a heat pump works just like a refrigerator and moves heat outdoors. In the winter, it reverses its cycle and pulls heat from the outside air to warm the home. The technology inside heat pumps has advanced to the point where they will keep a home warm in subfreezing weather.

Hybrid heat pumps are also available that allow homeowners to use the energy efficiency and safety of heat pumps until the system can’t harvest adequate heat from the outdoors. A hybrid heat pump contains components that switch to a burner that uses gas or oil combustion during exceptionally cold weather to produce heat.

Top Tourist Destinations In Toronto You Can Visit By Car

In life, there are mandatory requirements that you need to meet as a way of leading a better life. However, apart from the common basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing there exists other secondary wants that will greatly assist in the attainment of comfort in modern lives. The Toronto car rental is one of the best in Canada for ensuring the exploration of the attraction sites.

Tourist Destinations to Visit

The city offers vibrant entertainment featuring all the latest music and also the city is easy to navigate with many attraction sites. Below are the places you can visit by car in Toronto.

  • The CN Tower

The CN Tower is an impossible attraction to miss in the Toronto. The tower was constructed between 1972 and 1976 and serves as an observation area. By acting as a viewpoint, tourists can observe all other sectors in a secure manner.

  • The Rogers Center

This is another site where many tourists like visiting for sports purposes. The center is the closest nearby attraction to the CN tower and is a sports arena. It is designed in a unique manner and thus making it possible to be open in times of the change in the climatic conditions. It is quite large and can accommodate thousands of people from all parts of the world.

  • Toronto Zoo

When you arrive in the city, you should ensure Toronto car rental for easy travel to the Toronto Zoo. The zoo is an attractive site with a variety of animal species. The zoo is located forty kilometers from the city center. Thus, you need a better transport means so as to ensure that you utilize your time well. The zoo is subdivided several times with each section representing the principal parts of the globe.

  • The St. Lawrence Market

The St. Lawrence Market is another essential place to visit during your tour. It houses different types of vendors conducting the sale of various products including the foodstuffs, flowers as well other unique items. It provides a perfect atmosphere for the trade and is also used for other businesses like film and video shoots. Therefore, tourists have stood a better chance of making purchases on different products under one roof.

  • The Eaton Center

Finally, the Eaton center is another important attraction area that many visitors enjoy exploring. It consists of many retail businesses which turn to be beneficial to all the tourists. The activities range from the hotels, cafeterias, taverns and boutiques among many others. Thus, after visiting all the other attraction sites, it gets important for you to visit the Eaton center where you can have you lunch and also purchase other products without making any travel.


Apart from the above-mentioned attractions, there are other areas in the Toronto city where you can explore and spend your leisure in the most appropriate way. For your trip/tour to be a success, you require better transport means that will not result in wastage of time.

Metal Roof Maintenance Tips

Metal roofing materials offer a variety of advantages including the unlimited color and texture options, low maintenance and offer a lifetime warranty. If you choose a standing-seam roof system, then you can expect to save over 40 percent on your energy bills. Metal roofs repel heat as opposed to absorbing the sun’s heat like asphalt and other types of shingles.

Sheet metal fabrication also withstands strong winds and fire and resist insect damage. Metal roofs also do not allow the growth of mold and mildew like wood. Metal roofing installation is installed faster than other options. Ornamental restoration is also an option in the future.

How to Choose the Right Metal

There are three main choices when it comes to choosing the right metal. You will find aluminum, copper and steel to be the most popular choices. Aluminum roofing is a great option if you live in coastal areas. Copper lasts at least 50 years and is often used to accentuate details in the roofing exterior. Steel is harder than aluminum and copper and makes a good choice for areas that prone to hail damage from storms.

Metal Roofing Options

You will find three metal roofing options that include standing seam metal panels, metal shingles and stone-coated steel. Standing seam panels are the most popular type of metal roofing. The advantages include panels that have smooth, flat panels with raised seams running along where the panels overlap. They can be crimped on-site or pre-formed in the factory.

Metal shingles are installed over existing asphalt shingles. They also have the capability to mimic the appearance of other roofing materials. Metal shingles are lightweight compared to other types of shingle options. Stone-coated steel offers the same advantages as metal shingles. They are coated with stone-embedded acrylic making them more durable. They have the appearance and advantages of wooden shakes without the disadvantages of wood.

Metal Roofing Maintenance Tips

Clean drain boxes, downspouts and gutters at least twice a year. The problem with debris in your gutter system is the fact that blockage will overflow your gutters and cause damage to your roof. Keep tree branches away from your roof by trimming them once a year. Flat roofs and pooling areas should be kept clear. Rotted debris in pooling areas of your roof will cause damage and allow plant growth.

Hire a roofing contractor to inspect your entire roofing system each year. They should pay particular attention to heat vents, chimneys and other areas that may expose your roof to chemicals. The exposed fasteners should be inspected and tightened to prevent future damage. Choose a roofing contractor in your community that has a good reputation and positive references, high-quality workmanship and good customer service.

5 Myths About Vaping

Vaping has grown in popularity in the past few years, and more and more people are making the switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes. With this new popularity, however, comes many misconceptions. Some people intentionally share false information to discourage the use of e-cigarettes, while others are just confused about the facts. Here are five of the most common misconceptions about vaporizers:


Secondhand Vapor Is Dangerous

While most researchers suggest that the use of vaporizers be regulated, they do agree that the secondhand vapor is much less risky than tobacco cigarettes, and it may pose no threat at all. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes only create vapor when the user inhales, so very little vapor enters the air around the user. Electronic cigarettes also contain only a tiny fraction of the carcinogens in tobacco cigarettes, a small enough amount that it cannot harm bystanders.


Vaping Causes Cancer

Tobacco smoke has about 4,000 different harmful chemicals, while vaporizers contain only trace amounts of carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. This means that the chemicals exist at levels just high enough to be detected but not even high enough to be measured. The levels of chemicals in electronic cigarettes are too low to cause cancer in almost all circumstances.


Anti-Freeze Is Found in Electronic Cigarettes

In 2009, the FDA stated that they found diethylene glycol, a chemical in anti-freeze, in electronic cigarettes. However, in several follow-up studies, researchers have failed to find any traces of this chemical. Vaporizers do contain propylene glycol, another ingredient that is sometimes found in anti-freeze, which has caused more panic and confusion. However, propylene glycol is actually used to make anti-freeze less toxic and harmful.


Electronic Cigarettes Are More Addictive

In the past, traces of nicotine were found in cartridges that claimed to be nicotine-free, and other cartridges were found to contain higher amounts of nicotine than they advertised. This resulted in some people believing that users will become more addicted to nicotine because they don’t realize how much they’re inhaling. However, electronic cigarettes still have significantly less nicotine than tobacco cigarettes, so they cannot be more addictive. Users with a nicotine addiction will smoke or vape until the craving is gone, regardless of how much nicotine they believe they’re inhaling.


Vaping Is a Gateway to Tobacco

Many more people transition from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes than from e-cigarettes to tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are a popular option for people who are trying to reduce their tobacco intake. Many non-smokers enjoy using electronic cigarettes because they enjoy the flavors, especially the fruit and candy flavors, so they have no desire to switch to tobacco.