Top Tourist Destinations In Toronto You Can Visit By Car

In life, there are mandatory requirements that you need to meet as a way of leading a better life. However, apart from the common basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing there exists other secondary wants that will greatly assist in the attainment of comfort in modern lives. The Toronto car rental is one of the best in Canada for ensuring the exploration of the attraction sites.

Tourist Destinations to Visit

The city offers vibrant entertainment featuring all the latest music and also the city is easy to navigate with many attraction sites. Below are the places you can visit by car in Toronto.

  • The CN Tower

The CN Tower is an impossible attraction to miss in the Toronto. The tower was constructed between 1972 and 1976 and serves as an observation area. By acting as a viewpoint, tourists can observe all other sectors in a secure manner.

  • The Rogers Center

This is another site where many tourists like visiting for sports purposes. The center is the closest nearby attraction to the CN tower and is a sports arena. It is designed in a unique manner and thus making it possible to be open in times of the change in the climatic conditions. It is quite large and can accommodate thousands of people from all parts of the world.

  • Toronto Zoo

When you arrive in the city, you should ensure Toronto car rental for easy travel to the Toronto Zoo. The zoo is an attractive site with a variety of animal species. The zoo is located forty kilometers from the city center. Thus, you need a better transport means so as to ensure that you utilize your time well. The zoo is subdivided several times with each section representing the principal parts of the globe.

  • The St. Lawrence Market

The St. Lawrence Market is another essential place to visit during your tour. It houses different types of vendors conducting the sale of various products including the foodstuffs, flowers as well other unique items. It provides a perfect atmosphere for the trade and is also used for other businesses like film and video shoots. Therefore, tourists have stood a better chance of making purchases on different products under one roof.

  • The Eaton Center

Finally, the Eaton center is another important attraction area that many visitors enjoy exploring. It consists of many retail businesses which turn to be beneficial to all the tourists. The activities range from the hotels, cafeterias, taverns and boutiques among many others. Thus, after visiting all the other attraction sites, it gets important for you to visit the Eaton center where you can have you lunch and also purchase other products without making any travel.


Apart from the above-mentioned attractions, there are other areas in the Toronto city where you can explore and spend your leisure in the most appropriate way. For your trip/tour to be a success, you require better transport means that will not result in wastage of time.

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