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June 2013 Issue!

Cover by Andrew Puppyface Zukerman

For Offerings’ June issue, Andrew Zukerman escaped Offerings’ hellish layout room long enough to design the cover. Luckily we got him back in with strategically placed traps and candy. We managed to catch Wolf Eyes’ attention long enough to talk about the new trio, new album No Answer-Lower Floors and their plots to destroy worlds. The apocalypse is coming on June 14th, as a zombified Induced Labor rises from entombment to play one last show. We sacrificed our interviewer’s brain and flesh to get an interview, so read it humbly. Kyle Brenders used his telepathic powers to discuss small children, the perfect BBQ, Mexican masters and the composition process while travelling back to Canada from Beijing. Bill Orcutt has freed himself from the ball and chain of domestic life to play with Chris Corsano in Toronto and talked to us this month about Colonel Sanders, experimental film and his live LP with Corsano. Slim Twig shares the ultimate lost Canadian album, by Painted Ship. We chatted with Alex Moskos about his new (awesome) hobby of futuristic songwriting, outerspace and blues. In Reviews this month, we take a look at WTCHS/ Thoughts of Air’s split tape and Sarah Neufeld’s Hero Brother. Nightsides’ and JFM’s self-titled albums had us thinking about being high and possibly fifteen again. Aerosol Constellations’ Dark Side of the Sun pleasantly surprises us with some very spooky improv and Magic Cheezies’ Live Bootleg pushed our reviewer to their happy place, where they relived the first transcendent Magic Cheezies performance they were lucky enough to experience.